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I have always felt that Bucky Fuller was one of the most brilliant visionaries in recorded history. When some associates and I began co-founding cause-oriented companies and affiliated non-profit organizations a few years ago, our shared vision and mission was (and still is) to help millions of people awaken to who we are, why we are here and what we came to be, do and manifest stewardship over. One of the web sites where we invite co-creative participation in addressing these questions is at www.creatingyourultimatedestiny.com.

We have frequently included quotes by Bucky and have featured resources from the Buckminster Fuller Institute in our printed materials and web sites related to fostering personal, social and planetary empowerment, transformation and sustainability.

A few years ago, Rev. Dr. Audrey Turner, one of the founding board members for what is now Ultimate Destiny University asked us to consider the following question:

“What would our world be like if none of us could have clean drinking water until all of us do? What about the same question applied to food, shelter, access to opportunities for meaningful employment?”

Over the past few weeks, some of us involved in Ultimate Destiny became acquainted with and have been working with Clayton Nolte, inventor of the Natural Action Technologies Structured Water devices. When I read the interview with greenhouse operator Roger Dagget who reports a several hundred percent increase in the nutritional value of food grown with structured water, I realized the potential global impact for millions, perhaps even a billion people.

One of the reasons that we have such a health crisis in the United States today and why it is so hard for people to stick with a good diet because when they give up their Big Mac and they give up their Hostess Twinkies to eat the tomato or a carrot, they get one that has got such low nutritive value that they don't experience a change in their health and so they say why keep doing this.

“It doesn't matter how green, tall and bushy a plant is, what matters is the nutrient density of the plant. You can measure that with an instrument called a Refractometer, and it gives a reading called Brix. You can get the analog refractometer today for under $100.

And it is just like everything else. The country with a longest life span on the planet is Japan and where are these units coming from? Japan. They understand Refractometers in Japan. You're not going to fool them with the produce. They all check it over there. And that is a place where we need to get here today to solve our health care problems.

-- Roger Dagget

The full interview is also available in a 141 page free E-book, Introduction to the Health Benefits, Cost Savings and Environmental Advantages of Structured Water.


While the significance of the devices is readily apparent from the hundreds of testimonials from all over the world, I felt that it was appropriate to share with our board of directors and investors why I believe the allocation of time and energy to support Clayton’s vision is a top priority totally in alignment with our corporate vision and mission. That led to the insights that have resulted in the development of this web site.

As I brainstormed the various facets that “betterment for 100% of humanity” might entail, I listed the ones that are included as main components of this web site. Each of those draft pages includes a few examples of the types of resources that we will be sharing with others who are interested in any one or more aspects of our vision and mission.

In addition to the resources that are targeted to a specific area of focus, here a few examples of other more general resources we will provide access to as featured resources: All of these initial resources have been developed by the cause-oriented company Ultimate Destiny Network as components of the 14-part, 1,200+ page Ultimate Destiny Success System that is being launched by our affiliated NPO, Ultimate Destiny University.

Manifesting Your Ultimate Destiny

Solving Your Ultimate Destiny Success Puzzle

Fostering Personal and Planetary Sustainability

Solving Our Personal, Community and Global Success Puzzles

We will also be providing access to resources on co-creative visioning and strategic planning, publishing, electronic publishing and Internet marketing, establishing strategic alliances and applying “Strategic Marketing Systems", etc.


Charles Betterton, MSCED (Community Economic Development)

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