Invitation to Help Test and Demonstrate the Health Benefits, Cost Savings and Environmental Advantages of Structured Water Including How It Enhances the Nutritional Value of Produce and Livestock  Production

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Introduction to "Structured Water" by Inventor Clayton Nolte

(Click Here for a Transcript of this Interview on Nature’s Hydration by
Wes Whittaker of Clayton Nolte, Inventor of Natural Action Structured Water Devices)

 Introduction to the Non-profit Ultimate Water for Humanity, Inc.

Over one billion people lack safe water, and three billion lack sanitation; eighty per cent of infectious diseases are waterborne, killing millions of children each year.
— World Bank Institute, 1999

We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims. The challenge is to make the world work for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time, with spontaneous cooperation and without ecological damage or disadvantage of anyone. How can we make the world work for 100 percent of humanity in the shortest possible time through spontaneous cooperation without ecological damage or disadvantage to anyone!
-- Bucky Fuller

I have always felt that Buckminster Fuller was one of the most brilliant visionaries in recorded history. When some associates and I began co-founding cause-oriented companies and affiliated non-profit organizations a few years ago, our shared vision and mission was (and still is) to help millions of people awaken to who we are, why we are here and what we came to be, do and manifest stewardship over. We have frequently included quotes by Bucky and have featured resources from the Buckminster Fuller Institute in our printed materials and web sites related to fostering personal, social and planetary empowerment, transformation and sustainability. (

A few years ago, Rev. Dr. Audrey Turner, one of the founding board members for what is now Ultimate Destiny University for Successful Living asked us to consider the following question:

“What would our world be like if none of us could have clean drinking water until all of us do? What about the same question applied to food, shelter, access to opportunities for meaningful employment?”

Over the past 18 months, some of us involved in Ultimate Destinyland became acquainted with and have been working with Clayton Nolte, inventor of the Natural Action Technologies Structured Water devices. The significance of the devices is readily apparent from the hundreds of testimonials from satisfied customers all over the world.

However, we felt it was essential to also establish a non-profit organization to help provide clean water and more nutritional food to millions, perhaps billions, of our brothers and sisters here on what Bucky described as SpaceShip Earth. Because Clayton Nolte's vision and mission are totally in alignment with our corporate vision and mission, we established Ultimate Water for Humanity and are seeking the expertise of the Rodale Institute to help test and document the health benefits, cost savings and environmental advantages of structured water.

Charles Betterton, MSCED (Community Economic Development)

Overview of an Invitation to Help Test and Document the Benefits

We are inviting interested parties to help test and demonstrate the significance of structured water in general, and the Natural Action Structured Water devices in particular.  We will donate one or more of the garden and greenhouse units (valued at $349 to $1,499 retail) to the participating research facility for experimentation.

In return, we would invite the participating research facility to develop and implement whatever strategy they feel would be most appropriate. While we would request non-exclusive access to and rights to publish the results of the demonstration project developed independently by the researcher, we would assume any such published material would remain the intellectual property of the researcher.


(1) In the event that the results of the demonstration project by the researcher substantiate benefits of the Natural Action Structured Water Units and if the researcher would be interested, we would provide a non-exclusive distributorship. That would provide wholesale discounts of 10% to 50% based on the total accumulative value of any sales generated by the researcher.

(2) If the researcher would like to publish a book about structured water and the results of the experimentation, we would provide any possible support and assistance of such an initiative. We would of course also like permission to distribute copies of any such publication though our sales channels at a customary wholeseller discount.

Following are just a few examples of the benefits of structured water in agricultural and livestock operations:

 One Example of How Structured Water Saved a Strawberry Grower


One of many amazing success stories of structured water was a strawberry grower in Ohio whose crop was nearly destroyed by a tornado. He took what roots and partial plants he could recover and he replanted them and watered them with structured water. The plant stems were more like stalks and the strawberries were the largest and best tasting he had ever grown. He got to the market 3 weeks ahead of his competitors and was still producing fruit a couple of weeks later than any other grower. When he had the strawberries tested by the local office of the US Department of Agriculture, they could not believe the level of quality he had produced.

Adam Abraham Interviews Greenhouse Grower Who Reports on a 500% to 1,200% Increase in the Nutritional Value of Produce Grown with Structured Water

Adam Abraham Interview with Roger Dagget
by structuredwater

Transcript of the Video with Highlights for Rodale Institute

ADAM: A lot of people are asking the question what is structured water and why should I care? More specifically, why should anyone believe that a device that relies on no external forces, such as magnets, electricity or filters, could actually effect water quality in any measurable way? Some answers are easier to demonstrate than they are to explain.

With that in mind, I hit the road. We're on our way to a greenhouse outside of Coolidge, Arizona between Phoenix and Tucson. We're going to meet Roger Dagget, whose impression of the Structured Water Device began with some amazing cucumbers that his greenhouse yielded. But it didn't end there. In addition to an amazing yield of cucumbers which originally got his attention, Roger noticed some other effect of his change to the Structured Water Device which, if we didn't know better, might even be considered mystical.

And by the way, by the time we learned of these amazing cucumbers, they were already at market and had been sold. So as it turned out, the cucumbers were just a beginning. Roger starts off by showing us some promising results he is experiencing now with tomatoes.

ROGER: What we're attempting to do is grow high nutrient value produce. Without going into too much detail, we use a refractometer to measure the nutrient density of our produce. Our objective is not to grow so much high volume produce as you can see we have here, but to make sure that each piece of produce that we have is full of nutrition.

ADAM: I am going to interrupt and ask why is that a problem? Is there some question about nutritional value that we're not aware of? That is what I would like to know.

ROGER: When I started this project 9 years ago I started in the water end of the business and I started working with structured water clear back in the year 2000, and after I figured out how to structure water the next question that came was how do we build the soil? The water will carry the nutrient to the soil but what is our base for soil? I looked for the answer from one coast to the other.

Finally I came up with the equation that said it doesn't matter how green, tall and bushy a plant is, what matters is the nutrient density of the plant. You can measure that with an instrument called a Refractometer, and it gives a reading called Brix. I started with the produce I have been buying at high, high retail prices, all organic produce, high prices, and I was depressed for 30 days because they were all low nutrient density. I got low readings on the Refractometer.

ADAM: So they looked pretty? Looked great. ?

ADAM: Everything was great, they were priced high, as you would expect from something that had those good looks, but you also assume it has some nutrient value, but really the most important aspect of it was missing.

ROGER: Right, that being the nutrient density. So the long road started. There are several iterations and this is where we have ended up.

We have had some growth explosion here, because if you look over here, here is the trellis wire and this is row number 1 and row number 2, row number 3. These are 83 inches in height right here.

Now, the game plan was that row number 1 was supposed to go right here and this is where it would grow. And then we put row number 2 here. As you can see, row number 1 has expanded clear over here into row number 4, so we have got double the growth that was anticipated, based on the paradigm that was shown to us to grow by.

We also have an error down here (indicating). The recommendation was to put the tomatoes eight inches apart. I knew I was going to have a little more energy than the eight inches so I put them a foot apart. And you can see even at a foot apart we came in so dense that they actually cannibalized each other; you can't tell where one plant begins and the other one ends.

You can see we have a tremendous amount of tomatoes set here. The really good news is I have only had three of them turn red so far, and one of them Brixed out at 12.2. Now, my goal was to get to 14. Whether any of these get to 14 or I don't know, but I tested tomatoes from one coast to the other and never got one in double digit. I have talked to people that have had double digit tomatoes but I never personally tested one. Most of the tomatoes I have tested out of the local gardens around the Coolidge area here have tested below 5. That is why I was depressed for 30 days, because I paid five bucks a pound for tomatoes and they were virtually below par.

That is one of the reasons that we have such a health crisis in the United States today and why it is so hard for people to stick with a good diet because when they give up their Big Mac and they give up their Hostess Twinkies to eat the tomato, they get one that has got such low nutritive value that they don't experience a change in their health and so they say why keep doing this?

ADAM: That's true, and there is a trust factor, there is a fiduciary factor from the producer's standpoint. We're going to these stores, buying and specifying these types of products with the expectation that they have in them what nature has intended to be in them, and yet when it becomes an acceptable practice to irradiate these products or do other types of things and still call them organic, then a huge disservice is being perpetrated.

ROGER: Absolutely. The exciting thing about it is the first Refractometer that I got that was used over at Bottled Water Images cost $5,000. I sent it back to the manufacturer to get it calibrated to make sure it was working, and talked to them, and that is how much that unit sold more new.

Today, just like everything else in the world of technology, you can buy a wonderful little Refractometer that is much simpler to operate and just as accurate and it costs you $300. So there is absolutely no reason for anyone not to have a refractometer. You can actually get the analog refractometer today for under $100.

And it is just like everything else. The country with a longest life span on the planet is Japan and where are these units coming from? Japan. They understand Refractometers in Japan. You're not going to fool them with the produce. They all check it over there. And that is a place where we need to get here today to solve our health care problems.

ADAM: Let's talk about the cucumber plant that you have. This is exciting.

ROGER: I just threw a few cucumbers in for the fun of it, and I did a watering on a foliar spray of the cucumber on a Saturday, and I had used the structured water and I had used a humus product and I applied it, and I usually don't come to the greenhouse on Sunday and so it was Monday morning when I first came back to the greenhouse. I walked in and I looked at that cucumber and it looked like an excited cucumber. It was standing up just like this! And I go holy smoke, so I got the trellis string out and I said we got to run this puppy up.

So I continued to water on a daily basis with the structured water. We give it some compost tea and some other formulas once a week, the foliar feed with the structured water, and the cucumber got to a height of over 15 feet. From that cucumber plant I harvested in excess of 56 pounds of #1 cucumbers! This doesn't count the juicers that I took off of there that we just juiced because they didn't turn out perfect. So 56 pounds.

Now, Briden Big Charles and I were over at Mesa College by invitation at their Ag Department and we Brixed the cucumbers that they were growing there and they barely got over 1 on the Refractometer scale. Mine didn't get to 14 where I wanted but they were over 6, so we had 500 percent nutrient density over what they are growing at the college there. So 56 pounds; a whole lot better than what you can get at the grocery store cucumbers. Some of them were two pounders. And they tasted good - they weren't bitter. That was the great part.

ADAM: You had some other effects from getting this structuring device on line. Talk about that.

ROGER: I cannot quantify on this side of the unit that the water made these better per se because I didn't have a control or whatever, even though we got great results and I wouldn't take the unit off for anything. But Clayton, the guy that builds the unit, told me when he was telling me about the unit that it would not only program the water on the outlet side of the unit, it would also program water on the inlet side of the unit, the feed side of the unit. Needless to say I didn't believe a word he was saying but I put the unit on anyway. It has got to program water on the feed side.

So three things that I have noticed out here. Number 1, I have an old mobile sitting over there, and domestic engineering is not my strong suit. It has a restroom in there with a toilet and it hasn't been scrubbed for quit some time and there was a tremendous film building up in the bowl. One day I noticed in there that the film was starting to lift. I'm the only one out here 99 percent of the time and I haven't been scrubbing the stool. Well, long story short, it finally hit me two or three days later it has got to be the water that is starting to pull the scum, the film off of the side of the toilet.

Now, over here on the other side we have an RO unit. You know it is two 4 by 40 membranes in there. I have been working with 4 by 40 membranes since 1994 when I got the first water store, and those have to be cleaned two to three times a year, depending on usage and feed water. Now the membranes I have run at about 130 pounds pressure. When the pressure gets up to 150 pounds, you have to clean the membranes or you have to replace them. When you clean the membranes it is nasty chemicals and a nasty job and I don't like doing it. When the pressure goes up it means your membrane is scaling, all the stuff you are trying to take out of the water is finally plugging up that membrane. The water pressure is going up.

So I said I'll come back and clean you next week, since that is my favorite thing to do. I came back a week later and in 15 years I have never seen a membrane de-scale, but the press had gone from 150 back to 130, which is normal. 130 is where these membranes want to be running. Different types of membranes run at different pressures, but these run at 13O for the volume I want. It had gone from 150 to 130, so it de-scaled the membrane.

Now remember this on the feed side of the unit. This is what really amazed me about it. Also I have a waterfall here and I have a sump outside that we run the waterfall out of. It is not a good tank to have outside, it is a clear tank and it grows a lot of algae in there and you have to be diligent about taking care it or it really gets bad. I was remiss. I walked out there one day and you couldn't see two inches into the tank it was so green and murky. You know my favorite thing to do is clean, "I'll clean you next weak".

I went back a week later and I could actually see the bottom of the tank. Hadn't done a thing. So when you read all the literature about how the water works and it tells you what it will do, you think that is hard to believe, but then when you experience it, you see the membrane de-scaling, you see the thank cleaning up, all on the feed side of the unit, that I can quantify.

ADAM: Now two other things; one of them had to do with fire ants. What happened?

ROGER: Again I can't contribute that all to the water but when I bought this property the guy I bought it from, one of the first things he handed me was a can of something ... I forget the name of it but we had a tremendous fire ant problem and I would pour some of it in on the hole and the next day they would all be dead but three days later there is a new mound of them over there and a new mound over there and all over the place, and you can drive around through the neighborhood here and see them. And I just noticed -- I don't how long ago it was, 90 day ago, I said I haven't seen any fire ants around here lately.

And so what we have done is we have changed the energy pattern of the property here, because the inside columns, the rodent comes to take out what we shouldn't be eating. So the energy levels have changed here and they have left. I can go over to my neighbors and show you the fire ants, they are still over there, but on this property here, four acres, I haven't seen fire ants for at least 90 days.

ADAM: I know what the other thing was. The fact is you have had a structuring device online before putting this unit in, so a lot of these conditions were still present even with the other structuring device.

ROGER: The other structuring device I have had excellent results with, especially in the area of water savings. We have demonstrated that and had a couple different projects that we can save a lot of water by using this unit, but like you say the unit was on and the membranes have been scaling all these years with that unit on. And so the only time the membranes did not scale was after we put this other unit in.

ADAM: We are talking about something that is totally green. It sounds hard to believe when there is no electricity, no magnets, nothing other than movement that is making something happen. And sometimes experience is the best way of really demonstrating what is possible.

ROGER: I still think there is a synergy effect of everything that we do, from the microbials that we propagate to the water that we use to just our attitudes; everything is energy. But definitely the water has contributed to the higher energy level that we have.

ADAM: Especially when you look at the other structuring device you had. Were you using the same types of like the humus and the other ... were those constant before?

ROGER: No. I'm fortunate that a lot of the things were but I had two variables come into play, the water and the humus. Both came into place at about the same time so I hadn't used those before.

ADAM: That is a good thing too. The nice thing about nature is that it is complimentary, they work together. It is not an antagonistic kind of situation where one thing is going to come in like the cavalry and do something to the bad guys; there is a synergistic approach. The water should be there. The minerals, the other aspects that the humus or humic or fulvic acid or whatever they are, they should be part of that too and they all work together to actually create what you are looking for. Thank you have much.

ROGER: You bet.

ADAM: I want you to thank Roger for sharing his experiences with the Structured Water Device and my friend George Clark, a nutritionist and founder of Back Fence Nutrition, for joining me on this journey. You could say that Roger Dagget's story is one in 6 billion and you would be right, but it holds a key that is important to us all.

Everyone needs water and everyone needs water that contains life, that contains energy, and water that has biophotons released that has been measured, a measurable increase in biophotons is water that has life within it. And in Roger's example you see what is possible. The changes that will occur for you are yours.

Structured Water Affects Bio-photons; Eliminates Staph Bacteria for Raw Dairy

Here is an excerpt from a post by Adam Abraham on the “Thought for Food” blog originally titled “History in the Making: Bio-Photon Presence in Structured Water Confirmed“.  
CLICK Here for the complete article.

Jackie and Athena, from "Save Your Dairy" where they water their cows with "structured" water.

“Getting a handle on this structured water concept can be a challenge for linear, “show me the numbers,” left brain-dominant people. Evidence is there, mind you, but you sometimes have to look for it differently. As a first impression, upon taking my first shower with structured water, I noticed that it feels “wetter” than what was coming out the showerhead only minutes before. I now understand that this feeling is what is generally referred to as “soft.” This is one indication of smaller cluster sizes and higher density and hence greater oxygen content in the water. Structured water shows great promise as a salt-less water softener. And as this missive moves along, you’ll see another area of great potential.

Another piece of evidence of higher available oxygen content in structured water is in how it affects living things that don’t have intellects and egos. Plants and animals qualify as part of that population. Buoyed by these developments and looking for more, I contacted a friend who owns the only dairy producing raw, unpasteurized milk in the state of Arizona. Jackie C. is the one who originally brought Sally Fallon (Weston A. Price Foundation), and Mark McAfee (Organic Pastures) to my attention. Both eventually became guests on my radio show, with my Organic Pasture’s visit being part of my first road trip in 2008 to Northern California.

Raw milk producers walk a tightrope. They produce a balanced, nutrient dense food, which contains real vitamin D, live enzymes, and beneficial bacteria, the stuff that antibiotics kill off, but that prescribing physicians rarely concern themselves with replenishing. Yet, when you read a raw milk label, you’re informed that since the product is not pasteurized, it “may contain organisms injurious to your health.”

This is enough for most uninformed people put the raw milk down (where it’s available), and get the pasteurized milk. Yet, pasteurized milk labels don’t say that it contains synthetic vitamin D, has no natural digestive enzymes, nor any live aerobic bacteria. Did you read the recent Washington Post article stating that 70% of children through young adult are deficient or insufficient in vitamin D? We have cultivated such deficiencies into the behaviors that are encouraged and discouraged. Government enforced pasteurization of dairy products, including the “organic” variety, are woefully lacking in real nutritional value that actually contribute to human health. On the other hand, if they’re allowed to sell at all, producers of products that do help, such as raw milk and dairy products, are forced to include misleading labeling that most consumers won’t take the time to see beyond.

Perhaps it is for that reason that Jackie C. named her operation, Save Your Dairy  ( However, she was excited about the prospects of learning about structured water, and after meeting Clayton Nolte, the device’s inventor, agreed to install two units, one that would structure the water that the cattle drinks…”

“….I visited the dairy last week and talked to Mick, who manages the facility. They observed an immediate change in drinking patterns. The cows drank less water. The herd (130 head) had been drinking around 1,800 gallons of water per day for several days. Then, consumption would spike to over 4,000 gallons, then return to the lower level. After the structuring devices were installed, water consumption leveled off to around 1,800 gallons each day.

This would support an expectation of improved hydration, as the cattle drink according to thirst, and stop when that thirst has been satisfied. While this was a pleasant, and you might say “positive” outcome, it wasn’t enough for Mick consider the structuring devices had a significant impact. The real issue was that the water source that his cattle draw from, a nearby well, was believed to infested with a strain of Staphylococcus bacteria.

According to Wikipedia, Staphylococcus, which include aerobic and anaerobic forms, can (as an anaerobe) cause a wide range of diseases in humans and animals either through toxin production or invasion. The now famous term “MRSA” stands for Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, a bacterium that no longer responds to beta-lactam antibiotics, which include penicillin and cephalosporins.

So Mick had a far greater problem weighing on his mind. If the well water was indeed full of Staphylococcus, what would the drinking water have? If the drinking water was full of Staph, then what good would a structuring unit be? Furthermore, the presence of an anaerobic microorganism in structured would be counter-indicated, because structured water is optimal, and living. The bio-photon energy that accompanies a structuring event manifests as abundant, stable oxygen. If the inventor’s statements were true, then there should be no Staphylococcus in the herd’s drinking water.

The lab results came in. The lab confirmed the presence of Staphylococcus in the well water, but found ZERO bacteria in the structured drinking water sample. He was one excited dude! No bacteria, produced with no antibiotics! Jackie is now the owner of the first dairy in the world to produce structured milk!…”

Overview of More Benefits of Structured Water in Livestock and Poultry

Initial field tests with several poultry operations demonstrate additional benefits of structured water. The reports include documentation of reduced chick mortality rate, accelerated growth, increased market weight, reduced feed costs, and increased profits. Perhaps an interested researcher could also conduct tests on poultry and or livestock to provide substantiation of these additional benefits in providing improved nutrition values along with cost effectiveness.

Natural Action Water EPI GDV Analysis


Please Click Here for a 2 page PDF Flier on the Natural Action Structured Water Devices

For further information please contact Charles Betterton at:

Ultimate Destiny Network, Inc.
P. O. Box 20072
Sedona, AZ 86341

Phone: (928) 554-4732

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