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The Natural Action Portable Structured Water Unit is the easiest way to structure water at home and on the go. Enjoy the benefits of an energy infusion of Structured Water™ when you’re out and about; whether in-town, at a local restaurant, or on the road traveling. Also, great for apartment living, where a house product is not an option. Simply pour water through the top (large end) and point the small spout into any container to get the benefits of Structured Water™.

  • Super hydration

  • Increased oxygen in the water

  • Increased absorption of nutrients

  • Power-packed with half the structuring power of the Whole House product

  • All memory held in water is wiped clean

  • Greater sense of well-being

  • Easy to clean and maintain (no moving parts)

  • Structures water while traveling

  • Structures any bottled water

  • Structures juice, tea and coffee on the go

  • Dishwasher safe

5.0 out of 5 starsWonderful Units, December 26, 2012
I bought the Natural Action Structured Water Home unit over a year ago and it has changed my life. I hated drinking water before I installed the unit and now I can't get enough. I feel better and the shower is my favorite place now. I love how soft and hydrated my skin is now and how infrequently I have to use hand lotion, even in my dry climate. I also purchased the Dynamically Enhanced Portable unit recently to give as a gift. My gift will go to a person in an apartment that can't add a home unit to his plumbing, but I wanted their family to have decent water to drink. They live in California, which has horrible water and I know they are going to enjoy drinking water as much as I do now.  J A Schmidt


Cobalt Blue 
Dynamically Enhanced
Portable Unit


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New Dynamically Enhanced
Portable Unit


Buy it Now For Only $399  


Original Portable Unit


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Important Information and Ideas for Usage


1.      This device is not designed for extended hot water use above 140 degrees.

2.      This device is not designed to sustain freezing temperatures with residue water
  inside; unit may crack and/or function will possibly be deteriorated.

3.      Do not drop - function may be deteriorated.

4.      The unit you received may rattle, this is normal; it contains a geometrically tuned    chamber with specific geometric forms that align with the direction of flow.

5.      The unit is bi-directional but pouring into the funnel end is easiest.

6.      Will become brittle and may deteriorate desired function if left exposed to the sun for an extended period of time.


7.     When traveling, use for structuring your drinking water .

8.     Structuring juices of any kind (apple, grape, grapefruit, etc) brings more flavor to the     juice.

9.    Small enough that it can be taken to a restaurant to structure your water and any other     beverages you order.

10.      Structuring a lesser quality wine makes it much smoother tasting as if it has aged. 

11.        Structuring alcohol that has an edge to it will smooth it out.

12.         Conversation starter – Offer to structure someone else’s beverage.

13.         Use your imagination and tell us your experience of using this device!  You may e-mail     it to the address below.

New Dynamically Enhanced
Portable Unit


Buy it Now For Only $399  

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Original Portable Unit


Buy it Now For Only $249  

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Over one billion people lack safe water, and three billion lack sanitation; eighty per cent of infectious diseases are waterborne, killing millions of children each year. — World Bank Institute, 1999.

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